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Meet Our Physiotherapists

At Day One Physio, we have a team of highly skilled physiotherapists dedicated to helping you achieve your physical rehabilitation goals. Click here to learn more about our team.

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Prue Cormack 

Director of Day One and Senior Physiotherapist

Prue is a qualified Physiotherapist who graduated La Trobe University with her Bachelor of Health Science & Masters of Physiotherapy in 2017. Since then Prue has been involved with a multitude of teams, sports and clientele. She has gained experience at over three private practices and across sports clubs varying from rugby union, soccer and AFL, to running clubs and golfers. Prue is also polestar pilates trained, and has a strong interest in strength and conditioning.

As someone that is very active and has always been involved in sports, Prue understands first-hand the feeling of being injured and the toll it can take mentally being away from a desired sport or activity. Prue holds a unique ability to bring an element of fun and excitement into the rehabilitation process, fostering a positive and growth mindset for rehabilitation.

The Day One studio underpins Prue's values as a practitioner which advocates for lifelong changes to a client’s body and lifestyle, and creates autonomy and understanding behind the fundamentals of movement.

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Phoebe Drysdale


Phoebe graduated from Bond university in 2017 with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and a Doctor of Physiotherapy. 


Phoebe has worked in various roles across Queensland and Melbourne, both within hospital and private practice settings. This has enabled her to build a solid foundation and deep understanding of the rehabilitation process in athletes, acute orthopedic and the general community. Phoebe is passionate about educating clients and helping them to feel empowered in their rehab to reach their goals.


Phoebes main interests and specialties for treatment include: 

- Manual therapy/ deep tissue release

- Tailored physiotherapy and strength programs 

- Clinical pilates

- Women’s health pilates

- Pre/ post surgical orthopedic assessments and treatment plans

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